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Goodbye Summer; Hello School!


As we bid the waning days of summer farewell, it’s time to embrace a whole new year of fun learning. Make your child’s return to school more enticing by uncovering some things you may never have known before!

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14 Fun Facts That May Make You Chuckle

  1. Until the latter part of the 19th Century, school was only for the privileged wealthy!
  2. Before the 1930s there was no such thing as high school! It was instituted during the Great Depression so that teens would not get the jobs that adults needed to support their families!
  3. Giving apples to teachers dates back to 16th Century Denmark when the instructor’s meagre salary was supplemented by parents with such food!

  4. The Crayola Company manufactures about 3 billion crayons annually, translating into a median number of 12 million a day!
  5. Crayola first introduced their famous 8 color pack of black, brown, blue, violet, green, red, orange and yellow in 1903. Today Crayola crayons come in 120 varying colors!
  6. Most view blue as their favorite colored crayon!
  7. Sharpen the blade on your pencil sharpener by inserting an aluminum-wrapped pencil and winding it around as you normally would!

  8. Your scissors can be sharpened with aluminum foil as well!
  9. A pencil has the ability to write 45,000 or draw a 35-mile long line!
  10. Dried up permanent markers can be refreshed by rubbing alcohol and the non-permanent version with water!
  11. A splinter can be removed by sticking a piece of scotch tape over it and then pulling the tape off in the direction the sliver pierced the skin’s surface!
  12. Before erasers were invented, people would wipe out words with crumbs of bread!
  13. When the eraser was first added atop the pencil, teachers were against its use because they believed it encouraged students' mistakes!
  14. Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of school that almost 2-5 percent of children across the world suffer from! (Does that mean 95-98 percent of kids like school?!)

PRIME Insurance, School and You

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