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A Big Thank You, Dear Mothers, For All You Do!

8 Fun Facts about Moms

  • Following the American Civil War, Julia Ward Howe tried to make Mother’s Day a transforming social event that would garner women to publically demonstrate anti-war sentiment.

  • Though she never had any children, Anna Jarvis was the woman who popularized her own mother’s idea of what a dedicated day for moms should be. She promoted Mother’s Day in the US by founding Mother’s Day International Association at the start of the Twentieth Century.
  • Jarvis was so enraged about the prevalent practice of gift giving and commercialism that the day came to take on that she warned she would sue those responsible for the shift in outlook. Ironically, it was Jarvis who was arrested during a 1948 political demonstration aimed to abolish the day that had transformed into something against her vision.   
  • Kids refer to their mother in most languages, beginning with one of the first sounds babies utter -  the ‘m’ sound.

  • The average time for moms to change their baby’s diaper is two minutes, five seconds. (FYI, the average time for dads is one minute, thirty-six seconds!)

  •  Statistics gathered in 2015 in the US point to Mother’s Day gift purchases that totaled a whopping $21.2 billion!

  • The Bible relates how Eve was created to become the ‘Mother of all Mankind’.

  • According to a NJ PRIME Insurance Agency internal poll, 10 out 14 female workers are moms!

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Summary:  A round of applause for the dedicated mothers in our society! PRIME Insurance Agency brings you these fun facts that add to the appreciation!


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