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How to Prepare a Good Public Speech

From politics to social events, a good speech can get you positive feedback – something any cause can use. Learn how to prepare to say the things that will get noted with these writers’ tips from the agency that is always speaking about homeowners, commercial, life, bonds, and all NJ and country-wide insurance.

Speech Writing Tips 101

  1. Select a theme for your speech
    Know your audience. Pick something that you are passionate about and will appeal to those listening to you. Use simple, easily understandable terms and customize your words by speaking as if holding a personalized conversation to listeners. Be sure to include pauses in between thoughts for optimum effect. Your feelings should echo with enough fervor upon the speech’s delivery so that listeners will actually be influenced by your words.

  2. Remember to send a message
    Allow your audience to take one concrete idea away from the talk – whether inspirational, a call to action, or something of the like. 

  3. Create a systematic approach
    A good speech has a systematic beginning, middle and end. Introduce your topic in the beginning with an opening grab-attention remark. Make your audience trusting and comfortable. Smile; show emotion; crack a joke; share common ground by relating a personal anecdote. Next, slide into the body of your speech by using a minimum of 3 objectives that buoy your case. Start with the most powerful argument and close with the second most. Conclude your speech with a quick, yet strong influential summary of the main points you wish to drive home.

  4. Sway your audience
    Guide your listeners to your intended mark by using sensible and compelling rationale. Win your audience further by utilizing the words ‘us’ and ‘we’ as opposed to ‘I’ and ‘me’ and by adding emotional or logical convincing methods. Reinforcements of this mode can include graphs, imaging and so on.

  5. Rewrite and rewrite
    Correct your first draft until you are satisfied with your final writing. Then, create pointers to refer to. Finally, practice your speech in front of someone who will be candid enough to steer you to a perfected delivery.


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Summary: With political speeches in the forefront, this primer on speech preparation by Prime Insurance Agency will help those aspiring to talk and inspire in a public forum.


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