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More Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

The insurance companies remind you that your standard Homeowners policy is just that – standard. The standard coverage includes damages to your home’s structure and the contents therein, plus living expenses should your dwelling place become unfit due to any covered peril. It also can protect you against lawsuit charges for damages or injuries caused by you, your family or your pets.

But there are other occurrences that your standard NJ Homeowners Insurance may cover as well. And you probably aren't even aware of them.

Insurance for Cemetery Headstones

Your standard Homeowners Insurance may cover damage to a cemetery marker even if you are not the one who bought it and even if it is not located on your property. If you are named as the primary custodian of the gravestone, your policy may view the damage as personal property, subject to a replacement. Consult with your insurance agent for restrictions.

Insurance for College Dormitory Theft
As per your standard Homeowners Insurance, your child living away from home at a dorm may be protected from any burglary that occurs there.  Consult with your insurance agent for restrictions.

Insurance for Home Damage from Fallen Matter

Your standard Homeowners Insurance covers damages resulting from objects that fall – whether they are random matter from the heavens – or trees that land atop your roof during a storm. Consult with your insurance agent for restrictions.

Insurance for Damaged Food
As per your standard Homeowners Insurance policy, food that is spoiled as a result of a freezer or fridge power outage from a covered source of loss should get you the protection you need for reimbursements. Consult with your insurance agent for restrictions.

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Insurance for Fraudulent Credit Card Usage

Your standard Homeowners Insurance policy may cover damages in the event your credit card is utilized without your explicit permission. Consult with your insurance agent for restrictions.

Insurance for After-Death Home Cleaning
As per your standard Homeowners Insurance policy, you may be covered for a home cleaning following an unattended death, suicide or murder. As morbid as it sounds, insurance is there for the unexpected and things like this do happen. Consult with your insurance agent for restrictions.


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Summary:  In the insurance industry, a standard home insurance policy is the basic coverage for a homeowner. Here are 6 things that your standard policy probably does cover without you knowing it!


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