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How to Know if You May Have Diabetes

A PRIME Insurance World Diabetes Day Special

Diabetes can strike anyone – from the very young to the elderly. Learn signs of the illness for early detection and treatment. Type I and Type II have similar symptoms. If you suspect you have any of them, seek medical attention immediately.

                            8 Signs that May Indicate Diabetes

  1. Feeling unusually hungry and tired.
    The healthy person produces insulin that helps the body’s intake of glucose convert to energy. A diabetic’s body does not produce sufficient insulin to transport this form of sugar into the cells. This can lead to a lack of energy, resulting in hunger and fatigue.

  2. Feeling more thirsty than usual and urinating frequently.
    On average, a healthy person urinates about 4 to 7 times a day. The diabetic has more of an urge to do so. This is because of the excess of glucose present in the diabetic’s body, resulting in the production of more urine to rid itself of the extra sugar and a loss of fluids that leads to thirst. 

  3. Dryness in the mouth and scratchy skin.
    The diabetic’s need to urinate results in loss of moisture, leading to dry mouth and itchy, flaky skin.

  4. Hazy Vision.
    When fluid levels fluctuate it can cause the diabetic’s eye lenses to become swollen, resulting in modified eye contour and a loss in eyesight ability.

     5.  Development of yeast infections.
          Particularly in Type II Diabetes when the body’s sugar has built
          up, sufferers experience a recurrence of yeast infections.
          Nourished by the abundance of glucose, a yeast infection
          flourishes in moist folds in skin.

     6.  Drawn-out sore healing process.
          In the case of Type II Diabetes, when the build-up of sugar
          results in nerve damage, the diabetic’s body will lose the ability to
          heal wounds properly.

     7.  Aches or lack of feeling in feet/legs.
          The Type II diabetic will experience this due to typical nerve

     8.  Non-deliberate loss of weight.
          Due to the lack of food energy from the insulin disorder, the
          diabetic’s body will begin to burn muscle and fat in order to get
          energy, resulting in sudden weight loss without dieting.
          This in turn can lead to stomach upsets, including nausea and

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 Summary: It’s World Diabetes Day. PRIME Insurance Agency joins the International Diabetes Federation in spreading an awareness of the symptoms linked to the illness.



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