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When Serious Business becomes Intriguing

Odd Facts about Modern-Day Commercial Enterprises

  • Warren Buffet started out quite young at business. He was only 14 when he bought a 40-acre farm with money that he made by peddling bottles of soda and magazines from home to home.

  • If you are a tourist at Niagara Falls, watch out! It’s common practice for businesses there to put a TIF charge on top of any regular fee. With an annual profit of about $15 million, it’s a racket that seems to have no reason behind it. The simple way out, however, is to request the surcharge removal from your total bill.

  • There are companies, such as Nike and Google, who acknowledge that the most efficient workers - and the ones who are not at heightened risk for an auto collision when commuting - are the rested ones. As such, the businesses have invested in sleep quarters where employees can actually take breaks to get some shuteye!  

  • Many technical corporations run product tests in New Zealand. If it’s a failure, their reputations do not suffer on a rapid world-wide scale due to the island’s isolated location.

  • Some realtors use blockbusting to knock down home prices: after acquiring a black family as renters on a home in the neighborhood, agents are able to purchase the remainder of properties at reduced cost because some white homeowners get panicky.

  • Located within Pittsburgh, PA is a restaurant called ‘Conflict Kitchen’ where dishes from nations that the US is at odds with are served.

  • A company whose owner is Hispanic, African/Native American or a female is considered a ‘socially and economically disadvantaged’ business by the US governing body.

  • Talk about business innovation! With the deteriorating air quality of China, a man started marketing fresh air that goes for 80 cents a can. He profited over $6 million in less than 12 months!

  • Is honesty the best policy? A coffee shop in North Dakota that has no staff on site says so. It uses the honor system to successfully collect payment from customers!

  • At some CVS shops, theft alerting mechanisms were exclusively attached to displayed hair-care products designed explicitely for black customers.
  • Beating all odds, PRIME Insurance Agency started out within a Lakewood, NJ home garage. Within 15 years, it has become an award-winning agency, conducting direct business with over 40 of the leading insurance companies. Located today within its own sophisticated state-of-the-art epicenter, it services more than 10,000 satisfied customers with pride!

 This article is part of an ongoing series, designed specifically for public interest and education. For all forms of insurance at competitively lowest quotes, including NJ auto, homeowners, business, workers comp, bonds, life and more, visit us online HERE, email us at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or call us at 732-886-5751!

Summary: Who said business has to be boring? Read about companies and the intriguing or controversial things they get into - from PRIME Insurance Agency!


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