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Are You a Staffing Agency?

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PRIME Presents Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) Coverage for Recruiters

PRIME is pleased to offer ‘A’ or higher rated EPLI plans that meet your specific needs.

Insurance Claim Scenario
(It could have happened to you)

A Fort Wayne, Texas staffing agency found themselves in hot water: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against them in regard to an alleged violation of federal law. The EEOC cited examples of race discrimination, as well as retaliation, whereby the agency did not refer older and African-American employee applicants for job assignments and punished those employees within the company that voiced objection to their actions. Furthermore, the EEOC contended that the staffing agency willfully violated the law by shredding work applications. The Fort Wayne company agreed to a settlement that required them to pay $580,000 to both employees and class members. In addition, they will also be required to disburse a maximum of $5,000 for administrative expenditures of the settlement.

PRIME offers Insurance Coverage Consisting of:

  • Third party, in-house staff  liability automatically counted in
  • Third party, temporary worker liability obtainable
  • Unlinked in-house employee wage & hour claims obtainable
  • $150,000 sub-limit coverage of Defense for violation of Immigration Reform and Control Act obtainable
  • $1,000,000 defense aside from liability limit obtainable
  • No clause (no hammer clause) regarding consent to settlement
  • Full limit of defense for wage and hour claims in the event there is one other covered unlawful employment practice claim
  • Exclusive meaning to Staffing Services Discrimination to include recruitment, selection and assignment of temporary or permanent leased placement workers

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PRIME Insurance introduces Employment Practices Liability Insurance for Staffing Agencies. See what our leading policies can do for your business.


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