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Why and How to Start Spring Allergy Treatment Earlier

This year’s mild winter has its pros and cons. If you have begun feeling an itch at your eyes, nose and throat as well as headaches and sinus pressure, it’s likely not your imagination. According to experts, weather change has made a premature introduction to pollen production and spring allergies – and that’s bad news for sufferers.

Fast-starting treatment for an earlier-than-usual spring allergy season is the best way to go. PRIME Insurance Agency brings these key tips to fighting off the bothersome symptoms.

Early Allergy-Coverage Tips

  • Even if you have not yet begun to feel the allergy effects, take a recommended dosage of antihistamine medication to get a good head start.

  • If the medicine does not completely relieve your allergies, consider also using an allergy spray for the nostrils

  • Minimize time outdoors where the voluminous amount of pollen can enter your system and activate an allergic reaction

  • Make your home allergy-resistant by removing your shoes before entering, closing every window, and cleaning the floor with a hi-efficiency filtered vacuum cleaner

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  • If you smoke, now’s a good time to kick the habit: smoking has known to aggravate allergic reactions

  • When you leave your home to go outside, make sure to wear eyeglasses or sunglasses to minimize pollen exposure

  • Upon your return home, shower and shampoo your hair, then change into a newly washed  outfit

  • Consider beginning a 3-5 year doctor’s monthly regimen of allergy shots

To Your Health – from PRIME Insurance Agency!

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Summary:  Ha-choo! Sneezing? Itchy eyes? Yes, even this early in the year you may be experiencing allergy symptoms. PRIME Insurance Agency helps you with these anti-allergy tips!


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