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How to Keep Your Home Cool without High Bills

Generally, Homeowners Insurance does not cover regular wear and tear of appliances. However, a standard home owner’s policy may cover damage from perils such as vandalism, fire or a storm’s lightning. If your air conditioning unit is damaged as a result of any of these, you may get compensation from an insurance claim.

Back in the days when air conditioning was a luxury, folks came up with great ideas to remain as comfortable as possible. Fan use was something that made somewhat of a difference without a significant electrical price. Families would spend quality time together in the great outdoors, enjoying picnics of take-out food so that Mom would not have to heat herself or the home up from a hot oven - and community pools were all the rage.

For the better or worse, air conditioners are a home necessity for the vast majority of Americans today. Maintaining equilibrium with the bills is another story.

PRIME Insurance Agency brings you these sensible ideas that give you leeway in lower thermostat setting and electric usage and cost.

Tips on Keeping Air Conditioning Costs Lower

  • Lower the Shades and Lower the Bills
    Your windows contribute to thirty percent of the heat index in your home. By lowering your shades and drawing the drapes, you’ll cut inside temps by as much as twenty degrees while trimming up to seven percent on your utility bill!

  • Wear Appropriate Clothing
    Select looser, cotton-made clothing that naturally keeps you cooler.
  • Keep Doors Open
    Allow for maximum air conditioning efficiency by keeping all rooms open to air drifts.

  • Eat to Cool
    Stay away from the hot-spicy variety of menus that heat up your body temperatures. Drink plenty of cooling beverages.

  • Get Breathable Bed Linen
    Cool off the night by sleeping in lighter colored sheets made of light-weight cotton.
  • Freeze Your Sheets
    Prior to hitting the sack, place your sheets in the freezer. Then, place cooled sheets onto bed to enjoy a genuine heat respite.
  • Create a Cold Water Bottle
    Place a filled hot water bottle into the freezer to transform it into a cool cooling device for your bed at night.
  • Use Ceiling Fans Correctly
    Activate ceiling fans so they spin on a high setting - counter-clockwise.

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Summary: It’s summer and it’s hot. Keep your home cool as well as your electric bills by following these tips.


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