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World Sight Day: How to Effectively Treat a Cataract

PRIME Insurance Agency joins the World Health Organization in promoting public awareness of eye health.

For many Americans, cataracts are a concern. A cataract is the medical term used for clouding of the eye’s lens, rendering eyesight that is less clear.

There are four different kinds of cataracts:

  • Cataracts due to the aging process

  • Cataracts caused by injury, infection or slow development before birth or throughout the formative years

  • Cataracts that develop due to a medical condition, such as diabetes, drinking alcohol in excess, exposure to smoking, air pollution, ultraviolet light, certain narcotics, alcohol or radiation

  • Cataracts that form as a result of an injury in the eye

You may have a cataract if you experience the following symptoms:

-          Cloudy or hazy vision

-          Decreased night-vision

-          Advancing nearsightedness for the older adult – when it is more
           difficult to see in the distance, but your close-up vision improves

-          Modification in color vision

-          Double-vision

-          Unexpected upgrades to eyeglass prescription

Diagnosis and Treatment

Your physician will be able to diagnose cataracts through an eye examination. In the event a cataract is discovered and your vision can be corrected with an eyeglass prescription or contact lenses, there is no need to consider anything further. However, if your vision cannot be improved via these, your doctor probably will recommend surgery to remove the cataract. In 90 percent of cases, cataract surgery is successful, with vision improvement.

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Summary: The World Health Organization has designated October 13 as World Sight Day. Prime Insurance joins the effort to publicize the importance of eye health in this informative article on cataracts.


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