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What Kind of Insurance for the Travel Trailer or Camper?

As the warmer weather approaches, vacationers anticipate the pleasure of travel. For those using a travel trailer or camper, RV Insurance coverage protects from the potential of physical damage.

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Travel Trailer and Camper Insurance – Personal Lines

Related policies are offered for campers and travel trailers hauled by the cars of those vacationing at camping sites and recreational accommodations. This form of insurance exclusively protects against damages because the associated policy for the automobile that pulls the travel trailer or camper also provides the liability coverage for these vehicles.  Other related endorsements incorporate:

  • Vacation expense allowance coverage

  • Incidental rental coverage

  • Additional personal effects coverage

Travel Trailers Rentals Insurance

Travel trailers are rented out for differing amounts of time – a day, a weekend, a full week, or longer. The same insurance companies that provide specialized coverage for motor homes and other recreational vehicles provide coverage for travel trailer rentals as well.

Related coverage is applicable throughout the time the travel trailer is being hauled on the road or camped at a site.

Physical damage coverage pertains to the trailer’s value, along with the accessories included in the rental. While the person that rents the travel trailer is responsible for the premium fee, a master plan is released to the rental dealer or agency.

For further information about the varying forms of travel trailer, camper insurance, contact an independent insurance agency with hands-on experience.

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Summary: Vacationers that use travel trailers or campers need specialized insurance coverage


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