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How to Better Stock Your Pantry before a Storm

Being Prepared in Your Home

While many a grocery store business owner will swear by the three most popular pre-storm purchases - bread, milk and eggs – experts cite nonperishables as the choice a la premiere for stock-up food items.

So, although bread certainly can be placed in the risk-free food spoilage category for a good number of days, it’s best to plan ahead by buying foodstuffs that do not require refrigeration and have a longer shelf life in the event of an extended power outage.

Ten Longer-Life Food Choices

  1. Bottled Water


Use the gallon a day, per person rule when stocking up with water. Generally speaking, an individual needs a half gallon of water for daily drinking and a half gallon for food and washing purposes.

     2. Peanut or Almond Butter

Unless specified on the label, this food does not require refrigeration after opening. Noted for its high-energy and high-protein content, it is a a great staple to have handy.

     3. Whole Wheat Crackers

This is a perfect and healthy alternative for bread.

     4. Granola Bars

Intensely satisfying, highly nutritious and energizing, these type of snack bars retain freshness up to 6 months.

      5. Nuts

Mixed nut packages are a great and easy source of nutrition.

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      6. Dried Fruit

Though the fresh variety is the best, in the event you’ve used up your pile of apples, bananas and oranges, these high calorie wholesome substitutes provide coverage for an abundance of potassium and fiber.

      7. Canned fish and poultry

With a minimum shelf life of 2 years, these cans of protein are a real bonus.

      8. Canned vegetables

Though not as high in nutrients as the fresh variety, canned vegetables still provide the health benefits.

      9. Canned soups

Opt for the low-sodium brands of canned soups when purchasing. Convenient and nutritional, they can be eaten straight from the tin.

     10. Multivitamins

These supplements present nutritional balance when the standard variety on the food pyramid is lacking.

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Summary: Well, winter’s snow is about to begin! Of course, being prepared is the best policy. Get the list for your pantry’s 10 essential stock-ups  -  from PRIME Insurance Agency!


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