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Your Child and the School Bus – The Ten Knows and No-No’s!


School Bus Safety

Summer’s drawing to a rapid close. We’re busy preparing our children for that all-important first day of school. We buy new clothes, new shoes, paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons and the other seemingly unending things needed on the supply list.

Before you send your child out on that exciting start of this year’s school experience, make sure your child understands the rules for the school bus. It’s just as critical – if not more – than the other requisites!

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  Kids: Follow these ten school bus rules, and stay safe!

  1. Walk; don’t run to the bus stop.
  2. Stay clear of the road while waiting for the bus.
  3. NEVER speak to a stranger, NEVER get into a stranger’s car. (If a stranger talks to you or tries to get you into his car, go home and tell your parents!)
  4. Do not enter the street until you see your bus’s red flashing lights and its outstretched stop sign.
  5. Before crossing the street to get on the bus, wait for the above mentioned signals, then look left, right, and again left before proceeding.
  6. Once on the bus, find your seat and remain seated until the bus stops at your school.
  7. Talk quietly without making noise that may distract the driver.
  8. After getting off the bus, immediately keep your distance from the bus by walking three steps away. Go directly home and watch for moving vehicles.
  9. NEVER go back to the bus even if you forget something (the bus driver may not see you and may begin moving the bus).
  10. Don’t pick up an item you dropped near the bus before telling the driver and making him aware of where you are.

For a more comprehensive guide to school bus safety, see

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Summary: You’re busy buying pencils, pens, paper and crayons for your children as preparation of the first day of school. Don’t forget to lay the groundwork for safe school bus use. PRIME Insurance brings these 10 easy steps for kids to follow.


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