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How to Save Yourself from a Flood When in the Car

With hurricanes, tropical storms and floods in the news this very wet season, the frightening statistic on flash floods and car risks has insurance professionals highlighting important safety tips.

Get this: close to fifty percent of all flood fatalities occur while victims are in the car.

It’s hard to determine how deep any pool of water may be following a flash flood so the worst thing you can do is to drive into a pool of water.

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A pool with a depth of six inches can easily reach the base of your vehicle, causing loss of control and steering. One foot of water can cause many cars to drift away. Two feet of water can even carry away an SUV or pick-up truck.

What should you do if you find yourself engulfed in fast-rising water while driving in a vehicle?

9 Things to Do When Caught in a Flash Flood While in a Car

  1. Turn car lights on to attract the attention of emergency services.

  2. Unfasten seat belts.

  3. Take off any coat or jacket you may be wearing.

  4. Unlock car doors.

  5. Gradually let down the car window and try to exit through it.

  6. If windows do not work, do not try to shatter the glass which can be dangerous. Instead, wait until an abundance of water gets into your car to balance the outer pressure and allow you to open the door to exit.

  7. Swim up to the surface of the water and onto safe high grounds, and call emergency services.

  8. If you are trapped inside your car above the water on a tree or relative safe property, do not leave the car into the floodwaters, which may be contaminated. Wait until you are rescued.

  9. Never attempt to re-enter your car after water has gone down. Water levels can rise again in an instant. Wait until a towing service has moved your car to safe territory.


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Summary: What to do in the frightening scenario of getting caught in a flash flood while in the car? Prime Insurance briefs you with these essential tips. 


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