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What insurance do medical supply shops like yours buy?

You are one of a few in a demanding industry. Your clients come to you to be measured, sized and advised.

What happens when you mess up?

No one is perfect. Mistakes happen. In the event you sell medical equipment to a client and it harms him instead of helping him, or doesn’t help in the way you said it would, you could find yourself in the deep end of a lawsuit. That’s why you need Professional Liability Insurance in addition to your general liability coverage.

 Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance, also known as PLI or PII, Malpractice Insurance and Errors and Omissions (E&O) is designed to protect those in the medical or professional industries from lawsuits resulting from professional mistakes.

 In most cases, these policies are written in a claim form as opposed to an occurrence form. That means that if a claim is made against you after your policy was terminated in regard to the period in which you had the coverage, you will not be protected. Obviously, this situation can spell financial disaster.

Tying up loose ends of an expired Professional Liability Insurance Plan

Up until recently, the only way to end a policy and still keep up a semblance of protection was to buy extended coverage that usually demanded extraordinarily high premiums. Now, PRIME Insurance offers exciting alternatives, giving you extended value for you Professional Liability coverage even after it has ended.

Saving money while offering freedom of choice

“Hello, is this PRIME Insurance?”

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“I’m interested in acquiring a Professional Liability plan. Will there be a problem if I opt to terminate it and go for another one like it?

“No problem, sir. Let me explain…”

What the extended policy does is offer you freedom to choose another policy once the term ends, without crushing monetary repercussions due to a later claim referenced back to the time you had your former insurance. Kicking in to protect you in the event you need it, it gives you the liberty of owning another policy, without the perils associated to past errors.

PRIME Insurance and You

With a broad network of leading insurance companies, PRIME Insurance has built up a reputation of ‘being there for the customer’. Focused on educating and presenting viable insurance options, PRIME understands the unique circumstances of the professional, and has up-to-the-minute protection plans that meet real needs.  Visit or contact us today at PRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or 732-400-5242 to find out more.


If you own a medical supply shop, you know that there are risks you face that other businesses don’t. That’s why you need a professional liability insurance plan besides your general liability policy. Find out how to protect yourself when professional mistakes occur and how to protect yourself even if your plan terminates.


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