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Does Your Insurance Cover all Liability?

A NJ Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy Fills the Gaps!

If you have a standard Homeowners or Business Insurance plan, beware! Should you confront a liability scenario that is not under the policy, it could evolve into catastrophic loss and momentous fiscal problems. How so? View the following true cases to see the genuine risks.

NJ Insurance Claims
(Names changed)

  • Steve and Dorothy’s teenage son despised everything about math, including the instructor. He publicized fake allegations on the Internet about the teacher. As a result, the instructor filed a personal injury lawsuit against Steve and Dorothy for $750,000.

  • Mr. Jones’s tenant insisted he became sick from a defective furnace that released carbon monoxide gases. The tenant brought a lawsuit for $750,000 against Mr. Jones, claiming he suffered irreversible brain impairment.

  • Everyone was predicting sports fame for Bill, a teenage student who excelled in softball. When he did not win the athletic scholarship he had bargained for, Bill brought a $700,000 suit against his past coach, claiming he did not instruct him properly.

  • A mound of earth at the side of the Johnson’s lawn had been ensconced with concrete as a protective measure against eroding prior to the purchase of the property. About five feet of the substance slid to the neighbor’s property, slamming the home off its base. The neighbor brought a claim against the Johnsons, resulting in a settlement of $960,000.

  • The Silverstone family threw a beach party for their teenage children and their friends. One girl discovered something that appeared to be a thrown-out empty propane tank. The party participants started a bonfire and tossed the tank into it. What resulted was an explosion causing intense injury to a few. Parents of the injured filed a $20,000,000 lawsuit against the Silverstones for failing to oversee the party adequately.

  • Mrs. Black allowed some of her kids and their pals to have a paintball fight in back of her home. Though the participants knew the rules of the game, as well as the importance of always wearing protective headgear, an accident occurred. As a boy left the playing area, he removed his helmet and got struck in the eye. Both parties settled damages at $475,000.

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Summary: Life is full of surprises and some come in the form of insurance claims. With a Personal Umbrella policy, you find yourself protected from that which your standard policy does not cover.


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