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14 Holidays in October that You May Never Have Known

October 1 is National Home-Made Cookies Day

Not the homemaking type? Today you’re encouraged to be one. Reserved as the day to piddle in the kitchen and bake your own batch of cookies, this day may uncover some hidden baking talents within that will delight and inspire you to continue a delicious home-kitchen hobby


October 2 is National Name Your Car Day

You know that your car needs you to get it auto insurance, but did you know that it needs you to give it a name as well? If your four-wheels hasn’t been given a name, don’t fret, October 2nd is the day designated for your creativity in personalizing it with a fitting one.

October 4 is National Taco Day

Whether you’re Mexican or not, October 4 gives you cause to bring on the tacos in NJ, NY, Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the good ol’ US of A.

October 6 is Mad Hatter Day

Remember the Mad Hatter of Allice in Wonderland? The nutty character’s hat had a piece of paper inscribed ‘10/6’. Although believed to indicate a customer order of the head piece at a price of 10 British shillings sixpence, it has produced this date’s excuse for getting rather silly and wearing a top hat!

October 12 is International Moment of Frustration Scream Day

Save your frustrations for this day because you’ll be in good company. As an international holiday devised to scream out, go ahead and join others around the globe whose view of world imperfection needs vocalization.

October 14 is National Lower Case Day

So you don’t know your grammar rights from wrongs in relation to upper and lower casing? No need to worry on this day – names, like PRIME, titles, like Insurance Specialist, and anything else that should get capitalized first letters can go on vacation.

October 15 is Global Handwashing Day

The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap gets credit for this one. A day selected for the benefits of washing hands, it’s hoped to spread the message that is pertinent for every single date on the calendar.

October 16 is National Dictionary Day

National Dictionary Day is the anniversary of the birthday of the ‘Father of the American Dictionary’, Noah Webster, born in 1758. How do you to celebrate? Pore over your handy dictionary and learn some new words, of course!

October 18 is National No-Beard Day

Although not for those enamored by their facial show of masculinity, this is cause for anyone else to get a clean shave!

October 19 is Evaluate Your Life Day

Today tells you to slow down and think about the thing that really matters: your life. Who exactly are you? What do you want to accomplish? How will be able to get to that point? Today tells you to let go of the vanities of existence and grasp tightly onto all that matters.

October 20 is Information Overload Day

In this crazy era of email technology, we’ve become overloaded with digital data. Take just one day to slow down on blackberry/email activity. Utilize texting, emails and surfing 10 percent less so that you won’t overload your mind and be able to work more efficiently!

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October 24 is National Bologna Day

Bologna is that lunch meat that’s often the ingredient for a lunch sandwich. Use it any manner you like on this specially designated day with some pickles, relish and mustard to enjoy a really happy version of this nationally celebrated meaty holiday.

October 30 is Mischief Night

This is no holiday for most, save for some adolescent bullies. Set aside as the night before the famed ‘Halloween’ to scare, shock and frighten, be prepared not to respond to door knocks this ‘black magic’ night as prowlers leave horrid souvenirs of strewn toilet paper, thrown eggs, and other vehicles of mischief!

Every Day In October (and the rest of the year) is PRIME Day

At PRIME Insurance, every day is a PRIME DAY! That’s right. We celebrate insurance every single day in the calendar. Come to us and experience the passion we put into the industry by providing tailored coverage that meets your individual needs at low quotes!

PRIME Insurance provides all forms of nationwide coverage, including NJ coastal insurance, NJ cheap auto insurance, low quote commercial umbrella insurance NJ, flood insurance, NJ renters insurance, NJ homeowners insurance, NJ bonds, NJ workers comp, NJ life insurance and more. We invite you to experience the PRIME difference by visiting us on our online insurance website; emailing us atPRIME [at] primeins [dot] com or by calling us at 732-886-5751!

Summary: Not enough to celebrate? Let Prime Insurance teach you about all the glorious holidays in the month of October!


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