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How to Prevent Becoming a Shark Attack Target

A PRIME Insurance Safety Article

Though movies and alarming headlines may have you paranoid about a shark attacking, the actual occurrence is not really common. Nevertheless, no one in their right mind would want to be that random statistic in relation to a shark strike.

Taking the appropriate simple steps to protect yourself, your family members and friends when swimming at the beach is the wise course.

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The Safety Guidelines:

  • Never go into the water alone. According to studies, a shark seldom approaches groups of people.

  • Take off any jewelry before entering the water. The shine from metals resembles that of a fish’s scales and will attract a shark to the supposed food source.

  • Do not wear brightly colored swimwear: sharks perceive the contrasts of colors.

  • Stay close to the shoreline while swimming. Should you need help, you will be in sight and sound.

  • Avoid swimming during the nighttime, sunrise or sunset hours, when shark activity is most prevalent.

  • Never enter the water with an open or bleeding wound. Sharks have a keen sense of smell and taste for any trace of blood.

  • Never swim in water that is filled with sewage. Aside from the obvious hygiene reasons, sharks are drawn to this location because of the bait fish that usually swim among the dirt. 

  • Do not swim where fishing takes place. These spots have an abundance of bait fish whose presence attracts sharks. A good warning regarding this is if you note seagulls diving into the water.

  • Keep away from sharp dips, as well as stretches that are flanked by sandbars.

  • Avoid excessive splashing as this can attract sharks.

  • Avoid any physical contact with a shark if you see one while under water or if one gets caught on your fishing line or net – these instances have been known triggers to an attack!

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What should you do if you are actually assaulted by a shark? While there is no clear answer, some suggest yelling, others, blowing bubbles under the water and others punching the shark in the eyes and gills or poking these areas with a sharp object. Bottom line is that a violent confrontation with a shark can likely be a life and death matter, so fight off the attacker in any way you can.

Generally speaking, your day at the beach will be uneventful, save for the fun you and your family have. Enjoy and savor the pleasurable moments while taking necessary safety precautions!


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Summary: Though sharks rarely attack people, the random incident does occur. PRIME Insurance has compiled related oceanfront safety tips here.


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