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How to Enjoy a Water Park the Safe Way

With the sun’s heat on these summer days, water parks are all the rage for kids, as well as adults. Though a water park officially must comply with certain insurance safety protocol, it’s up to park visitors to ensure they are out of potentially harmful situations as well.

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Safety First Guidelines at the Water Park

Before Coming to the Park

  • Dress accordingly
    Choose sun and heat-protective clothing, including water-resistant shoes, wide-brimmed hat and a cotton loose-fitted cover up shirt, as well as sun shields.

  • Protect skin
    Smooth on a good sunscreen a half hour prior to entering the water park.

At the Park

  • Familiarize yourself with park rules
    Prior to jumping onto the bandwagon of water park fun, read posted instructions and rules in regard to differing water rides and activities and kid’s height, health and swimming admissibility. Ask lifeguards about any rule you are unsure of. Make sure kids are aware of the no-running rule.

  • Supervise your kids
    Adults need to watch out for young kids. Make sure they are wearing life vests. Keep them in the shallow play zones and pools designed for their age group. Check if they are safe and make sure they are not overly exposed to direct sun rays.
  • Protect skin
    Reapply sunscreen every hour and a half after getting wet.

  • Avoid dehydration
    Drink water, then drink again and again so as not to become dehydrated.
  • Take breaks
    It’s time for a break if anyone in your group feels exceptionally cold, tired or has had an excessive amount of direct sun exposure. Rest under the shade or indoors for a while until resuming water park activities.

Before Leaving

  • Dry off
    Dry yourself completely off with a towel before getting dressed in dry, comfortable clothing.


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Summary: It’s water-park season. Make the cooling adventure as fun as it was meant to be by following these safety tips.


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