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Are You 1 of the 80% of Drivers Driving Aggressively?

According to an AAA survey, close to eighty percent of US motorists said they have exhibited angry and aggressive behavior while driving. Even more astonishing is the fact that about 8 million drivers were involved in various types of road rage, consisting of intentionally bumping into another car or exiting the vehicle to threaten another motorist.

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Would you classify yourself as an aggressive driver?

Ask yourself if you ever:

  • Intentionally tailgate?

  • Drive through a red or yellow light?

  • Lace in and out of traffic?

  • Yell at another motorist?

  • Honk to demonstrate your irritation or displeasure?

  • Show angry gesticulations?

  • Attempt to obstruct another car from switching lanes?

  • Intentionally cut off another car?


Anger is a human emotion, but it is important to keep it checked, especially behind the wheel.

AAA presents three basic tips to curbing the anger when driving.

  • Do not upset another driver by forcing him or her to alter speed or course.
  • Practice tolerance and understanding in regard to another driver’s driving. Try not to take anything personally.
  • Do not act in response to the other driver’s aggressive driving. Do not make eye contact or hand gesticulations, retain vehicle space and contact 9-11 if necessary.

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Summary: Studies indicate that approximately 80% of drivers have exhibited angry driving. Are you one of them?