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2016: It’s a New Year!

Seven Fun Facts about January 1st

Did you know?

  • According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the number of vehicles stolen on New Year’s Day exceeds any other holiday.

  • Many partygoers celebrate the arrival of the New Year with a bottle of champagne. Given the fact that 360 million glasses of the sparkling alcoholic beverage are consumed over the holiday, that’s an awful lot of bottles!

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  • Almost half of Americans take a New Year’s resolution of change upon themselves.

  • The top ten promises of change include a resolve to shed unwanted pounds, eat healthier foods, work out more, cease smoking, remain within a budget, become organized, practice patience, land a good job, and improve character traits and interrelation skills.

  • The Spanish-speaking regions of Columbia, Cuba and Puerto Rico share an interesting New Year custom. Relatives celebrate the beginning of the year by stuffing a big dolly they call ‘Mr. Old Year” with memoirs and objects reminiscent of the previous year. Dressed in clothing of the past year, the doll is burned as the clock strikes 12 midnight as a sign that all regretful events be gone.

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  • Some have a custom to eat black-eyed peas and cabbage as an omen for success and prosperity for the New Year.

  • The Jewish New Year is celebrated in September in commemoration to the date linked by the Bible to G-d’s creation of the world. 


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PRIME Insurance is pleased to bring this informative factsheet to the reading public. For more about insurance and other varying topics of interest, visit

Season’s Greetings! PRIME Insurance wishes all Americans a year of health, happiness and good; a year in which every day is a PRIME Day!

Summary: Bet you don't know at least some of these fun facts brought by PRIME Insurance about the New Year!


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