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Fall Maintenance Tips for the Home

It’s that time of year now when there’s a gap between agreeable weather and the c-c-cold. What better time for the homeowner to do some maintenance in advance of winter? Performing all those must-dos now will help prevent the risk of home damage and pricey fixing that’s typical to the frigid season’s circumstances.

5 Clever Suggestions That’ll Keep Winter Insurance Claims at Bay

  • Make sure raked leaves do not lie in piles. Dispose of them or mulch them as good-for-lawn fertilizer. Leaving leaf piles on your lawn shields your grass from sunlight’s benefits, attracts insect infestation and cultivates mold
  • Unclog gutters by removing leaves and dirt. Blocked gutters boost rainwater accumulation and bad odors while causing ice and gutter backup that produces roof structure damage.
  • Check roof shingles, gutters, skylights and chimneys for cracks, leaks and further troubles. Repair any problems so that winter snow and ice conditions do not cause roof weakening and collapse.
  • Ensure your heating system is in optimum working and safety condition. Inspect, insulate and seal your home’s cold spots before the cold season’s weather sets in. Not only will this make your heating more efficient, it will also block out nesting scouting vermin from entering your house.
  • Winterize your garage by sealing door, venting and eliminating leaves and insects so that tools and vehicles will not sustain damage.

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Now’s the time to do all the maintenance work on your home so you won’t be bogged down with costly repairs come the cold of the winter-time. Check out these five fabulous home tips from PRIME Insurance - things to do that weed out potential trouble spots and keep you insurance claim-free.


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