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What You Wouldn’t Do For A Good Sleep

In Spanish, its referred to as ‘sueño’. In French, it’s ’sommeil’.  In Hungarian, it’s ‘alvás’. In all languages, sleep is the peaceful state of relaxation that restores the body to a natural rejuvenated state.

14 Fun Facts about Snoozing

  1. We humans are the one mammal that deliberately postpones sleep!
  2. Most adults require between 7-9 hours of sleep per night.
  3. Sleeping while at the business? In Japan, employees who sleep during work hours are excused. Sleeping on the job is interpreted as the result of praise-worthy hard work put towards assignments!

  4. Newborn infants typically sleep overall between fourteen to seventeen hours daily, with 1 to 3 hours of ‘awake’ time.
  5. Until their babies turn 2, mothers and fathers skip the equivalent of six months sleep.
  6. Sleep is as vital to our bodies as food and exercise.
  7. People who are employed during late-night hours suffer from the lack of sleep. The human body is simply not programmed to nighttime shift work. 

   8. Don’t get adequate sleep? You are more prone to overeating!

   9. The lengthiest known deprivation of sleep duration is eleven days!

  10. Prior to the advent of the alarm clock, ‘knocker-uppers’ were
        employed to knock on home windows in the morning to wake
        up their customers.
  11. Certain car rentals require you to agree not to drive if you’ve had
        less than six hours of shut-eye!

   12. When asleep, you may zzzz, but you will never hachoo!

   13. If you find it difficult to climb out of bed in the morning, you
        may have a condition called Dysania!

          And lastly... 

Getting adequate NJ auto, homeowners and business   insurance coverage gives you the peace of mind necessary for a great night’s sleep!


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Good night. Sweet dreams. As part of its ongoing series of educational and interesting articles, PRIME Insurance brings you these 14 fun sleep facts.


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