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How to Know When Your Pet is Too Hot

“In the summer months, home air conditioning is as important for us humans as it is for our pets. Homeowners might be interested in extra coverage for regular wear and tear on their air conditioner, should it malfunction.” Al Morgentstern, NJ homeowners insurance expert; Prime Insurance Agency

Although it would certainly help us understand our pets better if they could communicate verbally with us, they cannot convey their feelings to us through speech. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the physical signs they exhibit that tell us if they are in distress.

The summertime, and in particular the beginning of the season when dogs may not have become accustomed themselves to the heat, is the time when pet owners need to be on the lookout for indications of dog heatstroke. Because dogs are hotter than humans and are unable to naturally lower their body heat as effectively as human beings, pet owners need to recognize these signs that are indicative of dangerous heatstroke.

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  1. Dog is panting heavily or breathing in rapid succession

  2. Dog is exceptionally thirsty

  3. Dog drools more than normal

  4. Dog’s eyes are dull and glassy

  5. Dog vomits or has bleeding diarrhea

  6. Dog has high body temp

  7. Dog is weak or collapses

  8. Dog has extremely rapid pulse and heartrate

  9. Dog experiences a seizure

  10. Dog becomes unconscious

Beat the Pet Heat

Below are some sensible tips in keeping your dog safe in hot weather.

  • Never leave dog (or a child) alone in car

  • Walk your dog in the early morning or late afternoon or evening when the heat is not as severe

  • Keep your dog indoors in a place where it is cool if outdoor temperature is 90 degrees or above

  • Make drinking water available to your pet

  • Water your pet down every so often when outside in hot weather

  • Keep your dog in the shade when outside in very hot weather

This article on pet health has been prepared to educate the public by PRIME Insurance Agency.

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Summary: We’re not the only ones feeling the heat. Our pets suffer even more from excessively high temperatures. Avoid heatstroke in your dog by heeding this prime advice from PRIME Insurance Agency.


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