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Why Your Specialty Non-Profit Needs Tailored Insurance

NJ Insurance Claim Scenarios


NJ Non-Profit Directors and Officers Insurance

  • The directors of a chamber of commerce became involved in undertakings that were not associated with the founding trustees' original intentions. Regardless of the fact that no one had complained, the Attorney General filed a fund and property mismanagement law suit against them.

  • After paying for an ad in the local trade association’s newsletter, the owner of a newly established restaurant discovered that his advertisement was not featured. The restaurant business owner brought a suit against the association for breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract, as well as interference with economic interest.

  •  After donating a sizable sum towards the tuition of needy students, a benefactor realized that the foundation had in fact decided to utilize a part of the funding for building expenses. The donor was furious and filed a fund misappropriation law suit against the institution. Because the institution had already used some of the monies, there was no wherewithal to refund the complete amount.

NJ Employment Practices Liability Insurance

  • Those responding to a want ad for a secretarial position at a chamber of commerce included 6 women and one 57-year-old man. When the male applicant was not summoned for an interview, he sued the organization for age discrimination.

NJ Professional Liability Insurance

  • After listening to a mother’s argument that her estranged husband was unfit to be alone with their daughter, the counselor at a local Family and Crisis Counseling Center did not recommend a restraint order. Instead, he suggested that the father should be given unsupervised visitation rights. Following the decision in favor of the counselor’s recommendation, the father inflicted bodily injury on his child while alone with her.  Not long afterward, the mother brought a law suit against the center.

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  • A father and a mother escorted their problematic teen to a counseling center for assistance with his depression. Following a long chat with the boy, the counselor determined that there was no untypical behavior and set up a sequel appointment. Tragically, the sequel never occurred because, in the interim, the boy took his own life. The parents of the boy brought a law suit against the counselor.

  • During a conversation with his counselor, a teen with a drug addiction uncovered his secret: tests confirmed that he was HIV positive. The counselor lost little time in referring the boy to a medical facility that would treat his illness. Concurrently, the counselor forwarded his client’s file to the medical facility. The teen’s family was shocked that they had not been asked to sign a release form before the information was disclosed. They filed a breach of privacy act law suit.

NJ Abuse and Molestation Insurance

  • A young teenage girl was not fond of the counselor she had been referred to. She invented a story about how the counselor had physically abused her so as to evade meeting with him again. Her parents brought a claim against the center.

NJ Special Events Insurance

  • The Garden Event was slated to be a spectacular affair. Then, calamity struck when the bar tender tossed a beer can and it landed on top of a guest’s head. The guest was hurt and brought a bodily injury law suit against the event coordinator.

  • Though the tent at a special event appeared sturdy, it had not been secured down correctly. Eventually, the wind carried the tent away, resulting in significant damage to numerous parked vehicles. The auto owners filed a law suit for the damages.

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