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How to Prevent the Older Person from Falling

Falling risks are a fact of life for the older person. As with any peril, prevention is the best policy.

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Here’s a list of things the senior can do to minimize fall hazards.

A)     Go for a complete physical examination. An assessment will be made regarding:

-          Medication and vitamin regimen

-          fall or ‘near-fall’ history

-          health conditions

Fall-risk factors in regard to the above will help your doctor determine if it is worthwhile to alter med dosage, change prescriptions or advise about switching daily routines or behavior.

B)      Wear practical footwear
Fashion footwear, such as high-heeled shoes and boots, contributes to a sense of imbalance and fall and slip danger. So do loose-fitting, flappy slippers and footwear with slippery bottoms. Sensible, supportive and well-fitting shoes equipped with skid-proof soles will provide the stamina and protection you need to walk safely.

C)      Maintain an Active lifestyle
Safely keeping physically active will help you keep in shape. It will strengthen muscle tone and flexibility, and improve balance and walking manner, thereby minimizing falling likelihood.

D)     Make use of durable medical equipment

If needed, do not hesitate to:

-          Use a walker or cane

-          Install safety grip bars and railing in the bath, bathroom, stairwells, etc.

-          Affix an elevated toilet seat with armrests to the standard one

-          Utilize a hand-holding shower nozzle and solid shower chair for easy wash-downs   

E)      Let there be light!

Make sure you can see where you are going by having:

-          Night lights plugged in around your home

-          An easily-reachable lamp at your bedside

-          Flashlights stored in accessible places in the event of a black-out

F)      Overhaul Your home

Reduce fall risks by:

-          Tacking down loose rugs ,carpeting or flooring

-          Eliminating clutter

-          Wiping up spills as soon as they occur

-          Placing non-skid rubber mat on tub floor

-          Stocking kitchen dishes and equipment in easy-to-reach spots and doing the same for closet paraphernalia

Employing fall prevention tactics is a worthy investment of time and effort -  an important aspect of keeping happy, healthy and independent!

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Summary: Home fall-risks are one of the biggest fears for the older person. Get tips to prevent them from the Homeowners Insurance experts.


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