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April 13: Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson!

Thomas Jefferson was one of the Founding Fathers – the key writer of the Declaration of Independence who would become the 3rd president of the US. Serving his countrymen from the years 1801 until 1809, Jefferson had a colorful personality.

 On the anniversary of his birthday, PRIME Insurance pays tribute to the great man with these interesting facts.

9 Intriguing Facts about President Thomas Jefferson


  • Thomas was a playful lad during his youth. He and his pals spent their free time exploring what nature had to offer in the forests and brooks.

  • Even in adulthood, Thomas Jefferson loved to snack on vanilla flavored ice cream.

  • Jefferson had a penchant for construction and architecture. His plantation in Monticello, VA was built over the duration of 40 years and encompassed 33 rooms on 4 floors.

  • Thomas Jefferson enjoyed reading  so much so that he amassed a library of thousands. In fact, when the British attacked Congress and its library by burning it, Jefferson donated his 6,487 books to replace the losses and damages.

  • He had the gift of the pen, composing approximately 19,000 letters during the course of his life.

  • He spoke no less than six languages: English, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

  • Thomas Jefferson was a father of six children, of which only 2 would reach adulthood. He was a grandfather of 12, some of whom lived together with him in Monticello. 

  • Thomas’ major accomplishments are summarized on his tombstone: “…Author of the Declaration of Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom and Father of the University of Virginia.

  • Aside from the Jefferson Memorial close to the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. President Jefferson is featured on the two dollar bill, the five-cent nickel, is among the famous sculptured into Mount Rushmore, and is memorialized through a 19’ tall statue, consecrated in 1943 upon the 200th anniversary of his birthdate.


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Summary: Happy Birthday Mr. President. Today is the anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday – and what a personality he was. A special tribute by PRIME Insurance!


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