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Labor Day: An Ode to Workers of America!


 Fun Facts Attributed to the

The very name of the federal holiday we celebrate in the beginning of September may suggest an enigma of sorts. After all, Labor Day is the time for picnics, barbecues and fun festivity – things far removed from work and the workplace!

For those in the know, Labor Day is the tradition that is marked as a day of tribute, a salutation to the significant economic and social role America’s workers played in the country’s advancement, a true cause for proud holidaying!

Did You Know?

  • Labor Day was created by the Labor Movement in the late 1800s and became nationally recognized in 1894.
  • The actual ‘Founding Father ‘of Labor Day is debatable. Some credit the day to Peter McGuire, initiator of United Brotherhood of Carpenters, while others say it was Matthew Maguire, head of the Central Labor Union of New York, who deserves acclaim for creating the day.

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  • September is the month assigned to observance of the day because a Knights of Labor meeting was held on September 5, 1882, the first time it was celebrated. Since then, Labor Day has been assigned to the first Monday of September, allowing for a three-day weekend hiatus.
  • Labor Day is not reserved solely for Americans. Canada commemorates the day in September as well, some areas in Australia observe it in March and others in October, while the Bahamas honors it on the first Friday in June. Most countries across the globe celebrate a form of Labor Day on May 1st, known as International Workers’ Day or May Day.
  • Although initially Labor Day consisted of public street parades, recreational activities for workers and their families and speeches by important figures, for the most part today, community involvement has been played down. Nonetheless, Labor Day talks by prominent people are given front media coverage.

How do you celebrate Labor Day?

Family Fun Day

Labor Day gives the American people an opportunity to experience a break from the rigors of work, while contemplating on all the progress our great nation has made. Dedicated to the spirit of the individual and the family, PRIME Insurance salutes the momentum of the day. Offering  superior insurance coverage in NJ, NY, PA, MD and all over the US  for all aspects of the recreation you involve yourself in, PRIME offers policies that protect your business, home, auto, boat, travel – and so much more.

Go ahead. This Labor Day, live it up!


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