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How to Prevent an Accident when Driving Near a Truck


If you’re like most regular vehicle drivers, you are not especially fond of driving close to those big commercial trucks. Of course, the sheer size those big riggers, in terms of height, width and length and tens of tons of weight in comparison to your vehicle certainly increases the fear of the potential of a deadly collision with one.  

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With longer stopping time, more blind spots and the tendency to splash rainwater, snow and muck, trucks can pose genuine hazards to traffic and the statistics speak for themselves.

The US Department of Transportation reported that 3,986 truck fatality accidents occurred in 2016 alone - a somber reality check, for sure.

As a smaller vehicle driver, it’s important to learn techniques that will help you navigate the road around those large four more wheelers – for your safety as well as the truck driver’s!

Four Precautions for Auto Drivers to Take around Big Trucks

  • Better Safe than Sorry.
    Don’t gamble with safety when you are driving near a big truck. If it appears as if the truck intends to slide over into your lane in front of you, let it. Cutting the truck off increases chances of an accident. Always keep in mind that the truck driver is at a disadvantage when put in a situation where he or she has to make a sudden stop due to the longer braking time.

  • Use more caution when passing.
    Take care to allow rear-view mirror visibility of the truck when passing it so as not to make the driver try to stop suddenly. 

  • Give enough space for the truck’s turn.
    Drive with the mindset that the truck driver may not be able to notice your presence. With the possibility of a wide turn occurring, always allow the truck ample space for maneuvering.
  • Stay alert and do not multi-task.
    This is standard advice for any motorist at all times, but when sharing the road with a big truck, resisting the urge of the cell phone and other distractions is even more relevant.

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Summary: Resist the urge to panic when driving near a big truck by reviewing these related tips from the commercial auto insurance people. 


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