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Your Auto Insurance and Other Drivers Operating Your Car – The Basics

- Quick NJ Auto-Collision Answers by PRIME Insurance - Scenario #1 - Your eighteen-year-old daughter recently got her driver's license. Glad to have someone you can rely on for errands, you let her take the car to...

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PRIME + Travelers = Superior NJ Business Insurance

- Insurance Coverage that puts you in charge! - Power Pac Premier Blanket Insurance Policy - What type of business insurance is it? It's an enhanced plan for business owners. Its coverage is wide-ranging. If you...

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Better NJ Business Insurance

PRIME and Travelers Insurance Grants Your Wish! - Enhanced Business Policy Puts You in Charge - Insurance coverage does not always pay for damages like you would like it to. Now there's a new insurance product you'll...

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More Friendly Service at PRIME Insurance!

- Welcome Aliza and Emmy to the PRIME Team! - Come to the PRIME Insurance central office here in Lakewood, NJ and you'll see a happening place, where professional staff members work together to provide exceptional...

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Falling Leaves? OMG, It’s Raining Leaves!

- Homeowners, Get the rakes out! - I looked out of my front window and all I could see was rain. Not the wet kind, mind you, but a rather dry colorful blend type! Honest to goodness, it was raining leaves on my front...

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Own A Business? Get Boosted NJ Insurance Coverage!

Business Insurance Policies that Make a Difference - PRIME Insurance is proud to partner with Travelers Insurance Company to offer something new: enhanced coverage for Business Owner Insurance! Experience a 'blanket'...

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Are you a NJ Midsize Business?

PRIME Presents Midsize Business Coverage from Liberty Mutual - Has Your NJ Business Grown? Your Insurance Needs Also Have. - If you have moved into bigger space and hired more employees to accommodate boosted sales,...

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Insurance for Your Business

NJ Shore Area: The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

AP Photo by Mel Evans NJ Homeowners - How far have we come in three years? - October 29. 2015 marked three years since the great storm that rocked the Tri-State area. For shore area homeowners, the devastation stood...

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Fall Back, Spring Forward

Enlightening facts about the Seasonal Clock Change - Light Prevails over Darkness in Middle East It was the month of September, 1999, when daylight saving time was in effect in the West Bank. After preparing bombs...

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