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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

What about Insurance for the Private Corrections Services?

In the United States, it’s a time-honored practice to include private corrections services as part of the local, state and federal prison system. RELATED: insurance for the youth group home Private Corrections Industry...

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Why the Stockbroker needs Professional Liability Insurance

If you are a stockbroker, you are the go-between for clients who wish to buy and sell stocks and other types of securities. Like other professionals, you need various forms of insurance coverage to protect you from...

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Errors and Omissions: Why a Labor Union needs related Insurance

Errors and Omissions policies are also known as Professional Liability insurance. Errors and Omissions policies that are written for labor unions can protect a union and its members from claims in regard to genuine acts...

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When the Travel Agency or Tour Operator needs Insurance

When travelers and tourists make plans they expect all to go as planned. But life does not always cooperate. For the travel agency or tour operator a mistake can lead to damages and related damages. This is where an...

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Errors and Omissions: When the County Clerk makes a Mistake

Insurance for the County Clerk and Recorder - The County Clerk’s office is in charge of all the paperwork. This includes things like: Liens Mortgages Marriage certificates Death certificates Assumed names Gun permits...

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Social Services, Workers – How Important is Tailored Insurance?

Social services agencies and the individual social worker so often are under scrutiny for professional liability. This is the very reason why a tailored insurance plan is essential. RELATED: Church counseling services...

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