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Why Red Doesn’t Affect Auto Insurance Rates and Other Color Tidbits

Wine, rust, gold, crimson and all shades in between – how blessed we are for the rich color of autumn! Celebrate color this season with PRIME Insurance as we highlight five flamboyant myths and truths!

5 Color Myths


  1. Myth: Insurance companies charge a higher premium if you own a red car.

  2. Myth: Red cars are pulled over more by police


    3. Myth: Insurance companies charge a lower premium on white
         or silver cars.

    4. Myth: The red color of the bullfighter’s cloth makes bulls angry.

     5. Myth: Food comes in every color. 

5 Color Truths


  1. Truth: The color of your car has no bearing on the amount you pay for auto insurance.

  2. Truth: There is no evidence that red cars are stopped more by police.

    3. Although white and silvers cars have the best street-visibility and
        therefore are less prone to accidents, insurance companies do not
        offer lower rates for them.


    4. Truth: Bulls are not affected by the color of the bullfighter’s cloth;
        it is the waving action that makes the bull mad.


     5. Food naturally comes in all colors, EXCEPT for the color blue.

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Summary: As color comes alive in fall’s brilliant foliage, stay with PRIME Insurance to discover some truths behind common shady myths.


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