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Donut Day: More than a Celebration of Pastries

The first Friday of every June is the holiday not everyone knows about.

National Doughnut Day began as a 1938 Chicago, IL Salvation Army event of the Great Depression. Designed to commemorate the selflessness of volunteers who brought doughnuts to heroic US soldiers serving in the First World War, the function raised money for the needy.  

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Fun Facts about Doughnuts

  • A donut is a sweet deep-fried round dough delicacy that either has a center hole or cooked complete and filled with cream or jelly.

  • The nineteenth Century ship captain Hanson Gregory took credit for fashioning the first hole from his mom’s homemade donut.

  • The people of Holland are said to have brought the tasty treat to America back in the 19th Century. The word they used for it was olykoeks, a word that aptly means cakes of oil.

  • The 1933 World Fair in Chicago featured the donut as the ‘Hit Food of the Century of Progress’ because it came to be known as an inexpensive vending machine snack, popular for the working class.

  •  As per a 2011 US consensus, there are ten individuals with the Doughnut/Donut surname.

  • More than ten billion donuts are produced every year in the United States.

  • Police officers have been known to favor the donut treat ever since the ‘50s when late night shift cops would frequent donut spots that were opened till late hours. The rapport began to benefit both business and patron as the shops enjoyed special law enforcement protection as a result.

  • Boston, MA has the most donut stores per resident, with 1 shop for every 2,480 folks!

  • The most popular donut is the variety with icing on top.

  • Apparently, besides being delicious, donut manufacturing has become quite a lucrative business – with the leading ten donut companies raking in over $1 billion!

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Summary: Before biting into your donut on National Doughnut Day, read PRIME Insurance Agency's article about the origins of the delicious holiday!


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