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Home Insurance New Jersey

At Prime Insurance Agency we have one goal in mind - to give you the proper home insurance coverage in New Jersey, with the best customer service, at the lowest available premium.

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An Independent Insurance Agent In New Jersey

Prime Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agent in New Jersey that focuses on working for you not the the insurance Agent. As an independent insurance agent we represent the most reputable and prominent companies in the insurance industry. What does that mean for you, the consumer? It means that we are able to find you the best homeowners insurance plans available in New Jersey for the best possible price.

With so many home insurance carriers and options available in New Jersey it can be difficult for you to find what you need on your own. As an independent insurance agent we are able to do the shopping for you and ensure that you get the exact home insurance you need at a price that fits your budget.

Types of Homeowners Insurance Policies In New Jersey

Every homeowners insurance policy in New Jersey will provide a combination of liability and property coverage. They will also help cover loss of use that results from damage.

While there are several types of home insurance policies available to those living in New Jersey here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Tenant Occupied Homes / Investment Properties
  • Condo Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Vacant Homes

What To Consider When Purchasing Homeowners Insurance

When you start shopping for homeowners insurance in New Jersey you should consider more than just how much it will cost you. You need to make sure that you purchase the right type of insurance along with the proper level of protection.

You may also want to consider provisions for more valuable items like your computer equipment, jewelry, or any other possession that may be valuable to you. Depending on the area you live in you may also want to consider additional coverage for things like flooding, earthquakes, or water backup.

While homeowners insurance is not required by law in New Jersey, if you have a mortgage your lending institution will you to cover homeowners insurance on your home. As you choose your insurance make sure that you don't just rely on the coverage required by the financial institution.

That minimum is required by the lender to just cover the cost of the house and make sure they don't lose money, they may not cover the full value of your home and your possessions. Make sure that you check with your insurance company that you have enough coverage for your New Jersey Home.

Most Homeowners Policies will help protect your home in the following five areas:

  • Coverage A- Your Home, this insurance will cover the actual structure of your home
  • Coverage B- Detached Structures, this portion of the insurance will cover any detached coverage like a garage or a shed.
  • Coverage C- Personal Belongings, this portion of your home insurance policy covers itmes including furniture, clothing, appliances more.
  • Coverage D- Loss of Use, this portion of your insurance will help pay for living expenses like rentals or hotel bills, in the event that your home is and uninhabitable.
  • Coverage E- Personal Liability, this portion of your insurance will help protect you and your family against any lawsuit or claim in the event that someone is injured or they suffer loss of property while they are at your home.

How To Save Money On Your Home Insurance In New Jersey

At Prime Insurance Agency we know how to save you money on your homeowners insurance in New Jersey. There are many discounts available from insurance companies. These discounts are offered for a variety of reasons.

Did you know you could save money based on the types of building materials that were used to build your home? Did you know you could receive a discount on your home insurance if you live close to a fire station? These are just a few examples of things that can save you mone on your homeowners insurance.

14 Ways To Save On Homeowners Insurance

  1. Raise your deductible. When dealing with insurance the deductible is the amount of money you that you are requred to pay toward any loss that occurs before your home insurance will kick in. Most deductibes will start around $250. If you increase your deductible to:

    • $500 and save up to 12% on your premiums.
    • $1,000 and save up to 24%.
    • $2,500 and save up to 30%.
    • $5,000 and save up to 37%.

    You just want to make sure that you are able to pay the higher deductible if soemthing does go wrong.

  2. Purchase Your Home and Auto Insurance From The Same Company.Most companies are willing to give you a discount if you are willing to purchase your auto insurance and home insurance insurance through them.

  3. Think About Insurance When Deciding Which Home to Purchase. When you are looking to purchase a new home keep in mind that a newer home most likely has newer heating and plubming systems, bettert overall structure, better electrical work, and the overall structure of the home will be in better condition than an older home. These factors can end up saving you on your home insurance premiums.

  4. Insure Only Your Home And Not The Land. While your home and your possessions inside the home are always at risk of fire, theft, or windstorms the land that your hime is located usually isn't. You can try insuring your home for the value of the home only and not include the value of the land when deciding how much insurance you should purchase.

  5. Make Secruity And Safety Improvements. Upgrading your home security with things like deadbolt locks, burglar alarms and smoke detectors will often give you a discount of up to 5% depending on which company you have your homeowners insurance with. When you start thinkging about purchsing an alarm system for your home, call your insurance company first and to see what system they recomend and which one will give you the largest discount on your home insurance policy.

  6. Stop Smoking. Some insurance agencies will offer a discount for those that don't somek. There are more than 23,000 home fires caused each year by smoking accidents

  7. Senior Discounts. Insurance companies are often willing to give disounts to oler people that have retired. Insurance companies have found that older people are at home more often and are able to catch fires and other potential accidents sooner than those that are gone at work all day. They also found that oler people tend to maintain their homes more than younger people. So if you are at least 55 years old and retured you may be able to qualify for up to a 10% disount on yoru home insurance.

  8. Group Coverage Discounts.Sometimes insurance companies will give discounts to different Alumni and business associations that have worked out an insurance deal with the compnay. Ask your association director if they have worked out any deals with any insurance company.

  9. Be Loyal. When you are loyal to your insurance company they will be loyal to you. Most insurance companies offer discounts to those who have had isnurance coverage with them for years.

  10. Look At Your Policy Every Year. Your policy should reflect the value of your home and belongings, this can change year to year. By chekcing your policy every year you can make adjustments. If you had a certain piece of jewlery covered on your policy and you sold it you will be paying more than you need to on your insurance.

  11. Check For Private Insurance First. When you live in a high risk area that may be vulnerable to storms, fires, earthquakes, or crime, you may feel foreced to buy homewoners insurance from your states high risk insurance pool. Check with your local insurance agent first adn see if you can still buy your insurance from them at a lower price.

  12. Set Up Electronic Payments. Many insurance companies are starting to charge fees for mailing payments. If you set up your payments to come out electronically they will forward this discount on to you.

  13. Know Your Credit Score. Alot of insurance companies will check your credit score and will use it to determine your policy. Make sure that your credit is good and if its not you may want to find a company that does not run a credit check.

  14. Make Sure You Have Replacement-Cost Coverage. Actual-cash-value coverage will reimburses you for only the cost of your property minus the depreciation. Often this will result in a lower claim payout than you would hope for or expect. With Replacement Cost Coverage you will receive teh full value of the item based on what it would cost you to purchase a new one. This coverage may be a little more upfront but could ave you money in the long run.

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