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M. Wyzanski

The Right Lawn Care Business Coverage — – Commercial Umbrella Insurance NJ at Your Service! – If you own a lawn care business, you know your tasks. Mowing, edging, weeding, planting, reseeding, mulching, yard cleanup and related work have...  read more »

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Progressive Snapshot Certified Agency

June, 2015 - Sol Ilowitz, CEO of PRIME Insurance, Flies to Speak on Behalf of Customer

After negotiating over the phone for a customer who needed a policy for his large office building complex, Sol Ilowitz recognized PRIME had to do better. Within hours, he was on a plane headed to the underwriter’s headquarters. Once there, Mr. Ilowitz met with the representative face to face and showed him the pictures he had taken of his customer’s workplace, explaining the precision in which the operation was run and the safety features that were firmly set in place. The result: mission accomplished – an offer of an enhanced policy at a better rate.

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